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At Associated Companies we offer:​

Pool Design and Construction

Pool Supplies and Servicing

National Swimming Pool Foundation's (NSPF) Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Classes

General Commercial Construction

We have built a reputation of reliable and competent performance, quality workmanship, safety, and on-time completion. Meeting our customers’ expectations is a requirement. Our professional staff prides itself on being able and willing to respond to every customer’s need when the customer demands.
Associated Pool Builders, Inc. has a proven track record with accurate and timely work. Our key field people have been working at APBI for more than 20 years. We strive for consistently demonstrating quality workmanship, dedication to customer satisfaction, community involvement, industry leadership, and outstanding professionalism. We have the correct systems, equipment, and construction methods for your facility.



From innovative multipurpose aquatic facilities to elevated specialty pools, to neighborhood pools, to competitive competition pools, we have  the capability to design your facility, not only to meet your needs, but also your budget. The planning of your aquatic project is very critical and requires professional assistance. Our industry is now maturing to the point where our present generation of professionals can use the hindsight of past aquatic construction experiences. This ability to learn from the past has created an outstanding progression of innovative design methods, sophisticated filtration and chemical applications. We, at Associated Pool Builders, Inc., have this hindsight of past aquatic construction for the last 30 years, along with the experienced professional staff to provide the very latest in aquatic technology. Technical excellence, specialized knowledge and years of critical experience are vital to the design and engineering of your facility. Consistent craftsmanship, qualified consulting, technical assistance and top-notch equipment have made us the recognized experts in the swimming pool industry. Associated Pool Builders, Inc. offers technical assistance and consulting services to assist in the design, construction and maintenance of your aquatic facility. Engineering, technical and design assistance in the selections, specification and use of swimming pool products and system is readily available from experienced Associated Pool Builders, Inc. professionals.



Associated Pool Builders, Inc. has been recognized as a leader in the swimming pool construction industry for over three decades. Specializing
in all types of aquatic facilities from innovative multipurpose facilities to natatoriums and Olympic facilities, to pools for schools, health facilities,
resorts, and community recreation.
Our project experience includes facilities in all areas of the Midwest and Alaska from large metro areas to villages on the North Slope. We have the necessary resources demanded by both large and small projects including the proper equipment, bonding, experienced personnel, and financial resources.



Our experience in the pool industry as a consultant and contractor allows Associated Pool Builders, Inc. to provide a complete swimming pool Design/Build package for pool design and construction. This includes the latest in shotcrete pool construction, pool mechanical systems, waterslides and water features. You will find this process to be the most user friendly, efficient, cost effective application to building swimming pools in today’s market.



Operating swimming pools or water features is an extremely complex process, which requires technical excellence, specialized knowledge, and
years of critical experience. This is the service which we take very seriously at Associated Pool Builders, Inc., so much so that we established
a complete sister company just for this purpose.
In today’s technological age, there is a continual change taking place which mandates we be on the leading edge of this industries’ product
development. Because of the technical nature of today’s many products, it is necessary to become personally involved in selecting the best systems and equipment for the project’s particular application and budget. It is a priority not only to provide the best quality products but to ascertain that the product is properly applied.
We become personally involved with the facility and project regardless of how large or small it may be. We inventory and stock all major brands of swimming pool equipment, parts, and accessories for prompt and efficient delivery. We take our support services very seriously, so that you
can depend on us to provide a very experienced and knowledgeable staff committed to making your facility work for you.




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